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(30/06/2008) The world in your pocket: Preorder Mobile Geo now and get a 100-dollar discount.

Discover Code Factory's powerful, flexible and innovative GPS solution at the North American Summer conventions

Terrassa (Barcelona), June 30, 2008

Mobile Geo, the first GPS for the blind and visually impaired for mainstream Windows Mobile Smartphones and PDAS, will be shown at the NFB and ACB conventions. Scheduled for release in late summer, 2008, Mobile Geo will be sold at a price of $895. If you are in the USA or Canada, don't miss the opportunity to get a discount: Preorder before September 1, and get $100 off the retail price. Moreover, you can get your company, school, agency or organization to place a request along with the preorder to evaluate a prerelease demo build in July.

Why is Mobile Geo unique?

• Unlimited Hardware compatibility

Mobile Geo is a software application that can be installed on more than 400 different models of mainstream Windows Mobile devices. Just some of the most popular include the HTC S710, HTC Fusion and HTC Advantage, the Motorola Q and Q9 phones, the HP iPAQ 500 and HW6900 series, the AT&T Tilt and Samsung Blackjack II, the T-Mobile Dash, Wing and Shadow, the PPC-6800 Mogul and Palm Treo 700WX from Sprint, the XV6800 and SMT-5800 from Verizon, as well as dozens of devices from Bell, Telus and Rogers Wireless in Canada. You can buy your smartphone or PDA and Bluetooth-compliant GPS receiver at your local electronics or telephone store and benefit from the latest technologies implemented by leading mobile device manufacturers. If you choose a compatible mobile phone with a built-in GPS receiver, you will have all of what you need in one device and be free to travel anywhere without having to carry many hardware components. Explore your world with what you already carry with you — your phone.

• Powerful and Intuitive

Mobile Geo is simple, convenient and powerful. You can:

- pinpoint your location and, if you wish to be reminded of it in the future, mark it as a point of interest (POI),
- learn about the POIs and intersections in your immediate vicinity while exploring that vicinity virtually on the GPS map,
plan a route between specified points of origin and destination without having to walk the route first in order to record it and then use it next time,
determine the pedestrian or vehicular route between two places, or just get announcements about your current heading and distance to your destination as you approach it, and
get instructions on maneuvers to make as well as information about waypoints along a route that you are following.

• A truly worthwhile investment

Activated by Code Factory’s unique User-Centered Licensing system , the license to use the product can easily be transferred from one device to another anytime and at no extra cost. This allows a Mobile Geo user to upgrade to the latest in mainstream mobile technology whenever he/she likes, rather than when it is made available by a specialized vendor, as well, of course, as allowing the replacement of a broken or stolen device at little or no cost.

• Flexible and practical

Through seamless integration with Code Factory’s leading screen readers for Windows Mobile, you can use Mobile Geo with speech output in different languages and route speech to a Bluetooth headset, or access it through input and output on more than 15 different Braille devices. You can perform commands using just the hardware keys available on the device as well as direct but simplified access to the Pocket PC touch screen, without need for extra hardware to make it usable. Further, you can use your mobile device for reading books, browsing the internet, listening to music, sending and receiving calls and messages, and for personal information management, while Mobile Geo runs in the background and provides information about the route you are following.

Mobile Geo gives you the benefit of an accessible GPS solution and is compatible with mainstream mobile devices. However, everything has been designed, from the very beginning, for the specific needs of blind users and blind pedestrians. Powered by GPS and mapping technology from the award-winning Sendero Group, Mobile Geo benefits from all the know-how of Sendero's acclaimed GPS product line, which powers the GPS solutions on many other devices, including the very popular BrailleNote GPS.

To pre-order Mobile Geo, contact one of the following distributors:

- Sendero Group (USA), +1 888-757-6810,

- Vision Cue (USA), +1 888-318-2582

- HandyTech North America (USA), +1 651-636-5184,

- A.T. Guys (USA), +1 989-284-7915

- Adaptive Technology Consulting (USA), +1 978-462-3817

- RL & Associates, Inc (USA), + 1 (415)512-1180,

- FBC Solutions Foundation for Blind Children (USA), +1 (602)331-1470,

- Vision Dynamics (USA), +1 (203) 271-1944

- Beyond Sight (USA), +1 303-795-6455,

- Aroga (Canada), +1 (604) 431-7997,

Please note that this promotion is only available to the North American market. Stay tuned for other promotions that we will announce soon for other interested individuals and groups worldwide.

If the company, school, or organization you represent wishes to get a quote for bulk orders, please write to

To learn more about Mobile Geo:

- Attend a public demonstration at the NFB convention. On Monday, June 30, 2008, from 1:00 to 2:00 and 4:00 to 5:00 pm, in the Travertine Room, Atrium Mezzanine, Larry Lewis, President of Flying-Blind, will be demonstrating, along with representatives from the Sendero Group, Mobile Geo.

- Drop by the booth of Sendero Group at NFB (A71) or ACB (26).

- Visit

About Sendero Group

Sendero Group – the GPS company – is the Developer of the first accessible GPS and talking map software. GPS products "Powered by Sendero" software provide access to detailed street and business location information. The blind traveler can now be a co-pilot, not just a passive passenger in a car. He or she can keep the taxi driver honest, enjoy hearing about the sites and businesses being passed and know independently when to get off the bus. Students can also chart custom routes across campus or hikers can do the same in the woods.

Sendero staff, most of whom are visually impaired, know from personal and professional experience that orientation and mobility skills and tools for blind folks are key to the enjoyment and success in all walks of life. Sendero is first and foremost "the GPS company" as well as distributing other innovative adaptive technology.

About Code Factory

Code Factory is the leading provider of screen readers, screen magnifiers, and Braille interfaces for the widest range of mainstream mobile devices. Our mission is to break down barriers to the accessibility of mobile technology for the blind and visually impaired. Making accessibility means not just simple opportunity but also flexibility and affordability!

Our accessible solutions are used in more than 50 countries and 30 languages. Among Code Factory's customers are well known organizations for the blind such as ONCE, and carriers such as AT&T, Bouygues Telecom, SFR, and Vodafone. We've also built strong partnerships with mainstream companies like HP, Microsoft, and Nokia as well as leading AT companies like Baum,, HumanWare, Optelec and Sendero.